This is the state architecture exam of maharashtra.All colleges of maharashtra both goverment and private colleges accept this results.
Example :

Sir J J college of architecture,
Academy of architecture,
L.s Raheja school of architecture,
Kamla Raheja ,
Rizvi college of architecture

Importance :

It is very important as most architecture colleges of india are situated in maharashtra and some are the best. It is a very great opportunity specially for people of maharashtra.
for others its important but no goverment seats are available and only few private seats.
The applying process and admission process are very inconvenient. To collect application form we have go to the test centers located only in maharashtra and we have to give examination in those test centers later at some date and after that again we have to confirm our documents in those test centers so very big process for outsiders.

Eligibility and Procedure :

Official website:
details of admission criteria and procedure are given in admission brohcure and some links of previous years results are also available in the official website

Study Method :

No question papers are available as they are submitted along with the answerscript after exam.
total marks 200
100 of drawing
100 of aptitude
of 100 marks drawing three questions are asked :
1st is memory drawing.
2nd is to enlarge a drawing.
convert from 2d to 3d and vice versa.
basically the exam checks your drawing skills,need to practice drawings very intensely and time is very less so good idea is to use water colours to enlarge drawing so that it is completed fast and the time has to be managed very nicely so that all questions could be attempted with adequate time.scoring in boards is also very important as in the final admission and result combined result of 50% cat and 50% boards is taken into account.   

last years information brochure contained some questions and other details of admission procedure. refer it for some help. download link :
Updates : Know the best architecture colleges of india
Link: click here

Comments :
2011:03:31 09:33:35
Thnx For Such Useful Info...... Thnx A Lot.....
shreepad raskar
2011:04:27 12:22:29
2011:05:05 16:24:36
sir/madam,wen is Mah-arcat exam this year?..plzzzz reply soon bcoz i want to apply 4 it

2011:05:05 16:54:27
last date 4 submitting the form?
2011:05:06 08:40:33
i have stayed in hyd all my life wat should i do ??i want to get into a college in maharshtra?
2011:05:07 06:20:03
Archana- date of examination is 19th june and forms are not available till now
2011:05:07 06:37:57
divyansh- you will have to leave hyderabad and work some where else some day why not now.
and when you go to different places it will also improve your experience
2011:05:07 17:41:11
Sir/Madam...i hv given Aieee this year and expecting near 200......iam frm mumbai...should i also giv Mah-arcat in order to seek admission in good colleges like sir jj college in mumbai? the colleges here consider Aieee barch marks also?...iam general much percent do they consider Aieee?.or to be safe shud i giv Mah-arcat?.....plzzzzzz help....reply as soon as possible...i hv tried to search in net but cudnt find properly...plz help
2011:05:08 19:34:36
yes good colleges in mumbai take aieee but giving mah arc car will also help.
Divyansh agarwal
2011:05:09 12:20:32
@Administrator-very kind of u to reply to my post thank u..!and i have no problem in working in a diffferent city its just that im not aware of the requirements to get into the colleges in different states!!i wanted to know if we have any chance of getting into colleges like Sir J>J arch college being from hyderabad if yes can u tell me the procedure pls...
Divyansh agarwal
2011:05:09 12:23:37
im expecting 255 above in my aieee 2011 and writing my nata on 24th of may should i consider writing mah ar cat also??and let me know the procedure for CEPT gujrat also thanku!!
kritika verma
2011:05:09 13:28:54
sir...i m expecting around 160 to 170 marks in aieee b arch 2011..
plz tell me can i get any nit?
if not then which architecture college can i get through this marks?
i m living in raipur, chattisgarh..
can i hope for nit raipur.
i m general category...
last year i.e 2010 the paper was of 414 marks... and the least marks for nit raipur was 195 mrks fr general category...
and this tym papr was f 390 mrks.. which is 24 mrks less then 2010... so if i\'ll get 160 marks out of 390 can i hope for nit raipur...
plz rply...
2011:05:09 15:40:07
thanks karan
2011:05:16 06:52:46 getting abt 220-240 in aieee b i hve a chance of getting into spa(bhopal)or any of the nit colleges..plzz reply sir..
2011:05:17 16:07:20
i am from hyderabad can i apply for mah-arch is their any chance to apply to this exam
2011:05:17 16:07:23
i am from hyderabad can i apply for mah-arch is their any chance to apply to this exam
2011:05:18 15:18:09
i wanted to know that what is the last date for submitting the application form for Mah arcat exam?
2011:05:20 15:15:11
Sir what is a suitable nata score to get in good architecture colleges...also what is the expected rank at 210 marks in aieee barch
2011:05:25 10:39:59
sir/madam i want to know which type of documents required 4 application form of mah-ar-cat. & i would also like to know ceters name in which i got application form.
2011:06:04 16:19:36
sir...i m frm madhya pradesh...can i apply for mah arch???plsss help...
2011:06:05 10:04:34
does 100 marks for aptitude contains options? like 4 option out of wich 1 has to b selected?
Jignesh tamke
2011:06:06 15:39:57
Sir, whats the perfect sallybus for MAH-AR-CET n what is mean by Aesthetic sensitivity ?
2011:06:12 05:45:03
respected sir, i want the sample papers of mah arch cet
Abhijit Barman
2011:06:15 04:15:32
Respected sir, i want to be the best architect how shall i prepare for it.
2011:06:17 10:54:51
sir whats d study sylabus of MAHA- arch exam plz tel .
2011:06:18 10:49:06
sir where can i get practice papers to prepare for CeT or NATA.. plz rep
2011:09:26 08:42:41
i\'m of maharashta but i study in delhi.want to apply for i get gov seats if i have domicile of maharashtra
2011:09:26 08:42:41
i\'m of maharashta but i study in delhi.want to apply for i get gov seats if i have domicile of maharashtra
2011:09:26 08:42:42
i\'m of maharashta but i study in delhi.want to apply for i get gov seats if i have domicile of maharashtra
2012:01:25 04:25:25
i am not from maharashtra.and i want to apply for mah-archcat.what is the procdure. plzz help me.
aman kumar
2012:02:05 06:41:25
i am from jharkhand, and i wanna pursue architecture..
i want to take admission in maharastra\'s college.
should i have to fill the form of maharch cat?
what should i do?
please help me out..
tanmay patil
2012:03:06 07:42:14
I\'m a F.E engg. student dropout can I apply for this course. I have a lot interest in this field.
2012:04:26 03:29:15
Is there any text book by AIEEE itself for preparation of arch entrance exam? do we need to join classes for it? before how many days should we prepare for it? plz reply. I liked this site a lot, it is complete and straightforward.
2012:05:10 12:13:49
Sir,pz tel me wen are d forms out for mah-ar-cat dis year...plz do reply...??
2012:05:19 07:13:35
sir plz tell me fro where can i get cet sample papers.... n the exam is scheduled on 10th or 19th?????????
2012:05:19 08:39:09
hey sagar mah-ar-cat was schduled on 3rd june but now its reschduled on 10th of june...
2012:05:20 07:43:07
ty for the info preeti... can u jus tell me from where can i download cet sample papers?????
2012:05:29 06:05:48
where do i get sample papers????/ ny1 of u plzz reply me...
2012:05:30 00:19:30
respected sir i hv given nata exam i scorce less i faild in it . is it compulsary to clear the nata exam if i want to seek admission in goverment clg lyk bkps of mmcc plzzzzzzzzzzzz rply fst urgent plzzzzzzzzzzzz
2012:05:30 02:20:49
Can anyone outside maharashtra apply for maharch cat?
I have passed high school from hyderabad. Can i appear for maharch cat??
2012:06:02 10:54:45
hey vaishnavi its not necessary to pass in nata exams for getting enrolled in a govt colg for those colleges they see marks of cat exams... nata is the exam for getting admission private colleges only....
2012:06:05 09:29:18
sir im expecting 270 marks in aieee, & now giving mha arch cet exam.iscored 90.17% in mha board exam. at least how many marks should i score 2 get admission in sir jj college mumbai??? & what is syllabus 4 mha arch cet???
2012:06:09 08:12:46
sir, my nata score is 106 and i got 60% in 12th which is the best college i can get??
zaheen haidar
2012:06:11 04:30:04
sir\\madam iam from up i will give nata test at20jun 12 percent pcm 76 in math 81 from up board in2011 plzzzzzzzz tel me if i obtain a good score in nata min45% then which colleges in india(best colleges) i will get admission(only besd of nata)
akshay patrik
2012:06:11 22:12:29

sir muze aieee me 54 nd
b.arch me 180 ...sir sb bol rhe h
b.arch me aache aaye h tho wo hi
le le...aap h batao arch. Field kaise
h...nd aage kya scop h?
Nit\'s ya VNIT mil skta h kya.. All
rank 1800 hai nd mahrastra me
rank 140 hai b.arch me...
. Nd sir muze 12 th me 49.50% bane h ... Kya me eligible hu..?
2012:06:23 15:17:12
mam plz tell me how to apply for maharashtra arch. exams
2012:06:30 05:12:55
sir ,i got 67 in mah-arcat2012 and 125 in aieee 2012 i want govt b. arch collage in this year .if i don\"t get govt collage,sir can i repeat mah-arcat exam next year?
2012:07:05 04:48:06
i have got 132 in cet and 73 in hsc.. my merit comes upto 138.. is it enough to get rachna sansad? unaided also?
2012:07:06 06:04:06
I have AIEEE (Arch) rank 470, what are the prospects for getting Admission on the 15% AIEEE quota in AOA or LS Raheja??
shilpa kairamkonda
2012:08:17 14:09:06
sir i`m a 12th std student with maths.i don`t have my name in ration card but my parents have theirs,and i also have some spelling mistake in my ssc certificate ,my surname ,KAIRAMKONDA is misspelled as KARIMKUNDA.I was born in Hydrabad and raised in mumbai.i m very confused please help me. kindly advice me with my problems asap.
shilpa kairamkonda
2012:08:17 14:12:17
i want to get into sir jj college for architectural studies,and i wish to appear for mah-arch-cat next there any legal work i can do to uncomlicate my admission procedure and give my cat???
2012:11:20 06:01:37
sir,can u tell the procedure of admission in spa delhi this year? will they add the marks of 12th board exams also?
2012:11:20 06:04:47
sir, i belong to Uttar pradesh. Am i eligible to take admission in J.J college of archi.
2013:04:06 03:49:46
which is d last date to submit the form of mh-arcat?
2013:04:06 03:54:26
can any1 plllzzz tell me, from wen r we gonna get CAT forms......??
2013:04:06 04:08:24
when r mh-arcet registration date open??????? plzzz tell sooon
2013:04:09 15:56:19
Hi, is this the entrance exam which is also needed for admission for the course of BFA (Bachelor in Fine Arts) in J.J. school of Arts? I am interested in the BFA course. I am an engineer (B.E. in I.T.) by qualification.

Any guidance would be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.
2013:04:16 02:32:02
finally igot site for my qstn pls answer:- how to fill the forms i.e online or else? is it is require that candidate who appearing for xam is suupoe to b there during form submission?
Anuja Benjwal
2013:04:28 07:01:13
Please refer to this site
Last date for submission of form for MAH-AR-CAT 2013 is 2nd may.
Thank you
Akshay Parakh
2013:04:29 11:53:03
Perfect guidance for those who want to study architecture (y)
sai keerthana
2013:05:03 05:39:13
I have got 133 in Nata, is there a chance of getting into CEPT, JJ College of Architecture etc. Will JJ college of Arch. accept only Maharastra Arch score or also consider NATA. I'm from Karnataka state.
2013:05:04 10:16:09
2013:05:07 09:16:14
where can i get the sample paper??
2013:05:10 10:57:14
hellooo frndzzzz......if u get mah ar cat sample papers please send it to me.My id is or
2013:05:15 22:46:10
Mah-ar-cat paper is mostly concentrated on Drawing and few questions also ask aptitude
Aishwarya Pawar
2013:05:18 23:25:37
Respected Sir, I am going to give mh-arc-cat , nata and I have given JEE paper 2 and I accepte above 250 in that. I belong to Obc category . So am I eligible to get admission in Sir JJ College of Architecture Mumbai? I request you to reply me plz sir.. I waiting for your reply. Kindy ..
2013:05:19 09:56:18
2013:05:27 06:49:01
2013:06:08 02:19:19
Laurent De Institute of Interior D'zine
( part time & full time courses )
Office no. 101 & 102 , First floor , Sharda's New Matruvandana , Chendani , Kopri Colony Near Kopri Bus Stand , Kopri ,
Thane East- 400603
Tel :- +91 869 300 2666
+91 869 200 5333

1 min walking distance from Thane Station
Email id
2013:06:08 02:21:05
Architect / applied art / fine art Entrance Exam Classes

Office no. 101 & 102 , First floor , Sharda's New Matruvandana , Chendani , Kopri Colony Near Kopri Bus Stand , Kopri ,
Thane East- 400603
Tel :- +91 869 300 2666
+91 869 200 5333

1 min walking distance from Thane Station
Email id
2013:06:18 02:49:44
2013:06:18 02:51:33
Shubham vangari
2014:01:26 08:14:04
I have not filled jee b.archtech. form what should i do now to go for education in b.arch
megha agarwal
2014:04:24 00:53:51
plz let me know wen is the application form going to be released along with website where i can fill in this form
2014:05:09 03:37:57
What will be he expected cutoff for NIT b.arch of 2014
2014:08:06 03:31:51
how do i apply for maharc
2014:08:06 03:33:19
i m from karnataka
2014:08:13 02:27:45
pls some1 reply

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