BEST architecture colleges that takes NATA score..
made by Rhea at 2012:05:05 11:48:21
Hie guys..!! :) i gave aieee this time and expecting around 200.. I have heard that NITs are not good for architecture.. Can anyone tell me the best arch colleges that takes NATA score.. And the admission procedure for that particular college.. @ankit malik: great score..but what if u dont get SPA or NIT.. Do u have a backup college?? Plz rply..
ankit malik
2012:05:05 12:03:08
see in this site itself mentioned that sir jj , cept , n few more accept nata ! but as i personally think that its not a good option to go to above mention colleges untill n unless you belong to that particular state in which those colleges are they very negligible seats for outsiders so tell me which state you belong to ? might be i can suggest you better then.. n do you have any reservation ?

and rest yeah i am expecting good score but still have to wait for result first and rest about my backup i dont think so that i need to think about it coz i know i will definitely get a good college :-)
ankit malik
2012:05:05 12:09:44
and one more thing ...who told you that after getting a GOOD score ,one wont get into ANY SPA s n NITS ??!!?? as you asked in your question.
2012:05:05 12:38:51
Ankit i am not saying that u wont get NITs or SPAs..offcourse u will get..
I want to know if u had to choose any other college other than SPA or NIT then which college wil u prefer??
I am frm chhattisgarh..GENERAL CATEGORY..
I think i will get NIT raipur..
But if by chance i wont get it..i want a backup college..
Plz tell/guide me if u can..
ankit malik
2012:05:05 12:49:12
frankly writing my first preference is SPA D then follows by CCA , SPA B and sushant..!!
now god knows which one i will get..

if you are raipur then you will definitely get NIT raipur for sure if you score around 200 as you have state quota !! and i feel you dont need to worry about other colleges as NIT Riapur is waiting for you but still if you want to know then in my thinking try to go for sir jj,cca n cept by chance if you get it then that would be great , its true they all have few seats for outsiders but who knows !! :-)
n for there admission criteria please visit respective sites as i have no idea about them .
2012:05:05 13:06:01
Hey ankit..if u dont mind can we be fb frnds?
ankit malik
2012:05:05 13:13:42
@avani...hehe sure why not.. !! here s my id - ..tell me yours or simply add me up ..:-)
2012:05:05 13:38:33
^^ can you, would guys tell me the procedure for getting into NATA colleges?? how do we do it ?
ankit malik
2012:05:05 13:50:10
@udit ... just give NATA in time and try to score atleast more than 100 ..and then wait for particular college to announce admission forms n then fill up n wait for the counselling.
2012:05:05 13:54:36
ok ! are you guys giving NATA?
2012:05:06 02:13:03
@udit: yup..i m giving nata..
2012:05:06 03:21:30
Cca has 30 seats. Out of them 25 are reserved for students from Chandigarh. And the rest 5 are allotted through Aieee. I\'m not quite sure about Sushant. I mean from their looks every college tries to show that it is good... But we should well research about them. Aieee has the best colleges... The government ones. And about the ones that use Nata score, I\'m sure only about Cept... That it\'s good.
2012:05:06 03:23:19
And about sir jj college of architecture, it has a separate entrance test... Some MAH-h-CAT whose forms are not on sale yet. But I read one place that it takes ONLY students from Maharashtra... Let\'s just hope that\'s not true!
2012:05:06 05:56:25
when will the colleges give announcements for admission generally?in which month?
Shrey khandelwal
2012:05:14 05:12:40
hey.. can u pls tell me that if a clear nata with a decent score then the colleges which are not included in my state , what will be there criteria for admission ?
i mean that are there very few seats for outsiders ? :(
2012:05:14 11:20:44
What state are you from
2012:05:14 12:48:57

Who said NITs aren\'t good for architecture?

And, whatsoever architecture is a professional course and any college is fine until and unless you are willing to work.

I agree all the NITs aren\'t soo well equipped but most of them are good and doing f9.

SPA\'s are preferred for their brand name. It has only to do with architecture. Hence, are well equipped. Both in terms of labs/studios/other facilities and faculties.
Student there get a good exposure to foreign universities and colleges. So further studies in the foreign countries can become easier through faculty recommendations.
Whereas NITs and IITs have always been known for technical branches.
But they do give a tough competition to the institutes when it comes to subjects and courses like architecture,design, etc.
You\'ll see, placements are better in these colleges.
MANIT-Bhopal, VNIT Nagpur\'s architecture placement\'s doing great.
While SPA\'s don\'t guarantee any.

Have you heard about architecture at IIT-KGP?, BDes at IIT-Guwahati? MDes at IIT-B,G,D,K etc?

Generally people would consider,
SPAs for Architecture or NID for design.

But, at a later stage you\'ll realize that if SPA\'s and NID\'s are better, the NITs and IITs are too. Its like if you are good at this I am good at that.
As a whole we both are doing f9 respectively.

Colleges like CCA, Sushant are also doing great.

Also, later in the counselling your rank would decide what college is in your fate.

So, you must do well in the exams first. Consider the rest later.

ankit malik
2012:05:15 01:36:14
@quinn.. thanks buddy...:)
nikita bokde
2012:05:16 07:25:59
hello guys:) my condition is exactly same as rhea.. i\'m also expecting around 200 in aieee, i\'m also from c.g. and general... i think i\'ll get nit raipur but i would prefer nit nagpur i.e. vnit.. coz nagpur\'s like my hometown.. but not sure if i\'ll get it.. and realy is arch in nits that bad?:/ also plz suggest me some good colleges as backup with my score..@ankit malik, u seem to knw a lot abut this.. plz cmmnt:)
nikita bokde
2012:05:16 07:30:55
hie quinn! your post is realy helping:) plz rply 4 my post also..:)
2012:05:16 08:24:25
@nikita: hey.. :)
i am also from CG..
I am expecting around 200-210...
we have state quota na for NIT raipur.. last year the least marks to get NIT raipur was 187... i.e. rank around 5300... i am quite confident that we\'ll get NIT raipur...but we cant get NIT nagpur as per last year\'s cutoff..
2012:05:16 08:28:27
@nikita: What\'s ur NATA score?
2012:05:16 11:47:25
thanks @rhea! :)and i have appeared for nata yet.. my date is 28th may.. n yea i\'m also pretty confident abut nit raipur 4 both f us..;) n realy? is vnit dat hard?:/ i will checkout dese coleges... and where are u planning to join? i mean any preference? hey! if both f us join raipur we can catchup maybe!;)
2012:05:16 12:17:55
2012:05:16 12:26:10
@nikita : see my first preference wud be NIT raipur obviously..
Then comes CEPT (very tough), Rizvi, Raheja, NMIMS, Sushant.. :)
and yeah i think NIT nagpur is tough to get.. :(
Nikita sure we\'ll meet in NIT raipur..:)
btw where r u from?
I live in Raipur..
2012:05:16 13:22:07
:) i also thnk nit raipur is my fate...;) n i\'m frm bhilai ur school? hey i\'ll add u up on fb cn i?:)
2012:05:16 13:28:35
@nikita: sure we can be fb frns..
Plz tell me ur Email Id..
I will add u up.. :)
2012:05:16 15:37:02

Mail me at
2012:05:17 03:46:59
mine is :) tell me your full name.. in case u knw...:)
2012:05:17 10:27:46
@nikita: check ur inbox..and friend request list..
2012:05:17 11:33:00
@rhea no yaar no reques is dere.. u tell me ur id...
2012:05:17 11:55:22
@nikita: sorry i can\'t disclose my ID.. :(
u r the gal in ur schl dress right??
Dps bhilai..
Check ur inbox again dear..
2012:05:17 14:14:22
yeah u\'re right i\'m the one.. bt there no frn req with your name... some other frn req are there...:( u can mail me at another id
2012:05:17 14:21:36
r u 1992 born?
2012:05:17 14:23:30
@nikita: my real name is not RHEA..ok..??
I have sent u the request..
Plz check ur inbox..
And initials are KV..
Now accept it as soon as possible..
Check ur inbox..
2013:03:27 11:25:25
hey guys ive gt a score of 116/200in nata . cud u pls recmnd me sme colleges ....
2013:03:31 07:22:58
hey hw s nata syllabus different frm aieee b.arch
2013:03:31 07:23:02
hey hw s nata syllabus different frm aieee b.arch
2013:03:31 07:29:54
hey guys wr did u go fr coaching?
2013:05:26 05:05:49
hey...! can anybody tell me which is the best colege that ccept nata? does sir jj college accept nata?
2013:05:26 12:17:57

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