Drawing Concepts
              Drawing is a representation of some form , object or some idea of mind.Drawing is a huge field it is not in the scope of this article to explain it all but we will try to give a explanation and way to make the compositions you make a bit more attractive and interesting.With concepts and ideas your drawings must also be visually correct and represent the elements correctly.So first of all we will go with the basic concepts of Drawing then a more subjective disscussion of drawing requirements and expectations in Aieee B.acrh and Nata.
Basic Concepts of Drawing and Sketching.

Drawing Concepts

     Scale and Proportion is the relation and size of elments used in your drawing.For example if you use a ordinary bottle and a glass in your drawing the size of bottle should be approximetly twice the size of glass.This is the relation of a bottle and a glass.There is a proportion between them like wise all elements have a proportion between each of them this scale and proportionality have to be maintained to make your drawing better.
For a better illustration of Scale and Proportion we have a Drawing beside us which shows the relation of a dog , cat and a rabbit.while drawing we must analyse and understand the unique relations of all the elements used in our drawing and draw accordingly.  proportion

      Perception is a very important concept.Many people misunderstand perception with Scale and Proportion but they both are very different.Perception is the relation of elements with Distance and the angle of eye sight.Its the theory that something that is at a distance will look smaller than its actual size.The farther the more smaller it will look.
Here is a image beside us which explains this theory very nicely.As you can see the pillars  tend to get smaller as the distance increases.This is the first concept of perception. 

The second concept is that the objects which are not parallel to our eye sight will look a little different then their actual looks. We will have a good illustration from the two pictures below.

A bottle cap shape seen from exactly above it.
The same bottle cap shape seen at some angle.
As you can see the same bottle cap looks different from different angles.The bottle cap is perfect circle when looked from above it but it looks like an ellipse when looked at some angle.This is how the looks of elements change at different angles.So the next time you draw you have to incorporate this in your drawings and element.

For a more better understanding study this book on perception which is also available at the download section.

Download links-Click here


    Light and Shadow is the effect of light on the elements.When light from a point source like a sun or a bulb falls on an object it projects a shadow in the opposite direction and the face of the object facing the source of light is illuminated.Using light and shadow in your drawings will make your drawing very realistic.
 The effect of light can be noticed in this image below.

While using light and shadow you must also remeber one more concept that shade and shadows are two different things.We get a good explanation from the drawings below.

Shade and Shadow are two different things related to light shade as shown in the image is the surface of the object itself which is not receiving light and shadow is the area of the surface where light is not recieved as it is obstructed by other objects.While drawing if we show or depict some source of light the objects recieving light must show both shade and shadow.

     Composition is the art of organizing the objects or elements to make the drawing more interesting and attractive.A good composition can be achieved by following the Principles of Design.There are many principles of design but the most important ones which you will need are balance,Focus,unity.

   Balance means that the drawing which you make must not have too much elements in one area of the sheet and too little in some other area.The elements used must be balanced all over the painting or drawing. An easy example is this image

   Focus is a factor which brings the attention at first look.It is something unique in your drawing.It is more appealing if it means something.Here is an image which attracts your focus to the center for example.

Unity is something which is gained by a good combination of elements, colours ,balance ,focus.All the elements of your drawing must combine to look as one and not out of place.It is as though they belong to the Drawing itself. 


 Disscusing all the principles of design is out of the scope of this article.A very good article of wikipedia we would recommend for having a better understanding of composition.

the links - Click here

Now as we have completed the basic concepts of drawing we will have a more focused disscussion on aieee b.arch and nata

Nata Drawing paper has three questions in the previous years.

The objectives of drawing questions of nata are:

· Ability to sketch a given object proportionately and rendering the same in visually appealing manner.

· Visualising and drawing the effects of light on the object and shadows cast on surroundings.

· Sense of perspective drawing.

· Combining and composing given three dimensional elements to form a building or structural form.

· Creating interesting two dimensional composition using given shapes and forms.

· Creating visual harmony using colours in given composition.

· Understanding of scale and proportions.

· Drawing from memory through pencil sketch on themes from day to day experiences.

one question of 50 marks and other two of 25 each.

   The first question checks your knowledge of scale and propotion and  perception very intensely.

An example :
Imagine that your size has been reduced significantly and you are standing in a pencil box that
has three pencils, one sharpener, and one compass, one small piece of paper, one eraser and
one fountain pen.
Draw what you would see standing inside the pencil box with the lid of the box open.
Some good answers to this question were posted in the nata dqlabs by their student.

Links to their website: Click here.

You can answer this question very well if you will read the book given in the perspective section thoroughly and practice well by trying some other questions of such type.
Second Question is a composition of some elements of a logo consisiting of geometric figure and the like wise.This question checks your combination of colour and composition.Try to make a composition which is visually appealing and follows the priciples given in composition section above.

Example question

Draw a visually appealing composition using the five given shapes and colour it using four colours. You can use any shape more than once. However each shape has to be used at least

It will be good if you could practice this questions before hand and have a idea before hand so that during the exam you dont have to waste time thinking as what composition to draw as time given is very less.

The third question checks your concepts of light and shadow.


 Make an interesting three dimensional stable composition using three bottles, two balls and one lampshade in the space provided. Also show the effect of light and shadow on the composition.
please refer to the light and shadow section for a good understanding.

And visit the nata dqlabs website for examples of such questions and evaluation.
links Click here

Time given is very less so practice all this questions and try to solve them in 3 Hrs time.

  Aieee B.Arch question paper also has three questions.The drawing question paper is of 70 marks . Two questions of 25 marks each and one question of 20 marks.

 The first question is the same as second question of the nata.see the nata section above this.A composition is to be drawn out of some basic geometric figures.

Some examples:


    The second question is of mirror image its given to draw a mirror image of a composition.This question can be also to enlarge a composition.

For example.

Given image

Mirror Image of the given image

This is just an example but the actual images may be a little more difficult and have more elements.Try to draw any geometrical and curved composition in a paper and draw the mirror image of the same on a other paper.This is how you can practice for this.

  The third question is a memory drawing of some School, Street Side or other Topic.Be ready for this question from before and use all the concepts given in the basic concepts section of this article and try to make the drawing attractive and interesting.  

 Some nice paintings and drawings:

   Some of the examples given here are not possible to be drawn within the given time in exam but you can definitely learn from them.Keep the level of details in your drawing according to time left.The total time for aieee b.arch is 3 hrs.This is the total time for aptitude,maths and drawing.So at the most time you will get for drawing is 1 Hr.So prepare accordingly and practice well before exams.The aptitude part is very easy so complete it first then try for maths and drawing. 

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tapesh mathur
2011:04:05 16:50:06
2011:04:07 02:10:57
2011:04:09 16:39:49
how can i download aieee question papers for b.arc
2011:04:10 09:56:55
Anshu - The links are available at aieee barch section.
shammi kerala
2011:04:11 11:39:43
its a good thought of u guys..........
thanx 4 helping me out
2011:04:12 15:34:16
Out of the three questions. What all require coloring?
2011:04:12 15:46:51
And are we allowed to use a scale, compass etc ?
2011:04:14 02:40:34
yes we can use
2011:04:14 06:43:21
thnks a lot
2011:04:14 06:51:58
Kartik out of the three questions in the first question of composition you can do coloring and the third question of memory drawing you can do coloring but their will be very less time so check if you will have time to colour and draw accordingly.
The second question of mirror image or enlarge doesnot require colour.
2011:04:14 07:04:13
kartik jain
2011:04:14 07:35:12
the questions asked in previous years of b.arch paper for drawings are not available sir?
2011:04:14 12:42:01
Srivani- Basic drawing skills are okay but dont make mistakes on perception and proportion,scale.This concepts are specially checked in the drawing exams.
see above in this article for reference and knowledge on this subjects
2011:04:14 12:46:27
Kartik- the drawing question papers are submitted along with question papers so they are not available.
But we have confirmed with students of last year about what type of questions are asked.The question types are explained above in this article.
2011:04:14 15:14:52
thnq sir
2011:04:14 18:07:08
Is there some thing like, for 2D drawing , if we draw the figures (like square ,rectangle,triangle) ,without a scale, we get more marks?
2011:04:14 18:07:08
Is there some thing like, for 2D drawing , if we draw the figures (like square ,rectangle,triangle) ,without a scale, we get more marks?
kartik jain
2011:04:15 04:51:15
thnx sir..
2011:04:16 07:48:38
Kartik - No such questions are asked
2011:04:16 13:13:55
Last year there was this question in which we had to use 6 squares, 6circles, 6triangles and make a composition. If we are allowed to use scale, then on what basis will the correct? Because everyone will be able to draw those figures with a scale and compass .
2011:04:16 13:46:02
Kartik- No on that question marks are given on how attractive and interesting the design is.
You are supposed to make a composition using different circles , triangle and squares of different shapes and colours and in different angles as such to make it look unique and attractive.They can also collectively mean something which will give you more marks
2011:04:16 15:17:13
Thank u very much sir for ur valuable information...
2011:04:19 02:36:15
sir can u give info about the different types of drawing questiong that r expected
2011:04:19 12:52:00
sir...will the Aieee barch result be declared separetly or with aieee enginrring ???
2011:04:19 16:16:44
Is there any restriction on the kind of colour used, if at all? For example, I read that water colour is not allowed. How about pastels - oil and dry, both? Thanks a lot for this article and the whole site in general, it really helped.
Anil Choudhary
2011:04:21 15:31:50
yes liquid colours are not allowed.and both pastels are allowed.
2011:04:22 03:02:09
For the mirror image, what will be the dimensions of the box in which we have to draw? Any idea?
2011:04:23 06:23:06
Kartik- Dimensions of the box will be equal to the given image as it is a mirror image.
But if it is given draw a mirror image 1/2 or double of the given image you have to make the half of the box given or double accordingly.
akanksha sinha
2011:04:25 05:08:05
how can v knw abt ol d architektrz n buildngs..n remembr thm oll ???
2011:04:25 11:35:43
do we get options in the composition drawing or is only one question compulsarily given?
2011:04:25 14:22:21
v realy hav to practise drawing...i mean d abovr given drawings r realy beautiful but can consume a lot of time..n v dnt hav that much of time...?? n how much time v shld save for drawing section..???
2011:04:25 17:28:27
Akansha- we dont have to remember all but the famous ones.
2011:04:25 17:30:23
Krisha- We dont get options for composition but we get options for the memory drawing.
2011:04:25 17:34:39
Akansha- IN this article we have already mentioned that all the drawings given here are not possible to be drawn in the exam.Give details according to time left.
Around 1 hr should be enough but more would give time for more details
baishakhi sadhukhan
2011:04:26 02:18:29
answer sheet of aieee b.arch 2010question paper solution
baishakhi sadhukhan
2011:04:26 02:18:32
answer sheet of aieee b.arch 2010question paper solution
athira balakrishnan
2011:04:27 07:22:11
sir, wat is the min time reqiured to complete the aptitude section and maths?
athira balakrishnan
2011:04:27 07:30:37
can we use scale and protractor for drawing?
2011:04:27 10:22:15
2011:04:27 17:36:29
Athira- you can use all types of drawing instruments
2011:04:27 17:47:26
Sravani- we can score well enough to get into nits by scoring well in aptitude and drawing but without maths its questionable to get into spa delhi.
athira balakrishnan
2011:04:28 01:14:36
sir what if i score less in drawing but do maths and aptitude well.?
2011:04:28 05:29:08
athira- getting less marks in any of the three subjects(maths,drawing,aptitude) will make it tough for getting into spa delhi.
for other institutes it will be okay if you do well in any two but try for all three
Akash Mittal
2011:04:28 07:32:58
that\'s really good!!
2011:04:28 20:21:54
Sir, I will be answering such a drawing test for the first time. I am not very good at it but not too bad either. Please tell me some basic things required to do in order to make my drawings atleast presentable.
2011:04:29 04:28:09
priyanka- read this article thoroughly and apply it in your drawings and try to read the books from the download section this will give you good concepts of drawing and some practice will make your drawings presentable
2011:04:29 05:11:15
I am appearing for both B arch and B tech (AIEEE) and would like to know if the maths paper in both would be of the same pattern.
2011:04:29 16:41:47
thanx sir
2011:04:30 09:46:35
Namratha- yes maths paper in both would be approximately same
2011:04:30 11:04:11
will the AIEEE barch result be declared separately or with AIEEE engineering...??
2011:04:30 11:06:58
sir,i am not able to understand the questionbased on composition(1st ques of the paper),please help...!!
2011:04:30 12:35:08
shubham-yes both results will be out at same time.
the first question of composition is to arrange a meaningfull composition or interesting composition out of the given geometric figure to be used.
Last year the question of this type was
2011:04:30 15:26:42
if i couldn\'t perform well in B.ARCH paper,will it affect my AIEEE engineering result...??
2011:04:30 15:34:27
do composition mean we have to draw a painting or drawing using only those geometric figures...??...It is not understandable from the sample figure in the above article..!!
2011:04:30 18:09:47
what type of drawing questions will they ask??give some sample questions??
2011:05:12 10:58:31
Sir, which is the best guide(book) that gives all ability to appear for NATA
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Is there any model answer paper for part-III available....?
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rahul singh
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r da shapes n colour alrdy given in da exam of nata (question no. 2)....o v hv to make our own shapes n colour them...?
N cn v colour them by da different shades of choosen 4 colour as shown in above example....?
2012:01:29 07:47:01
thanq very much. very useful presentation for basics.

2012:02:11 23:09:59
RESPECTED ADMIN, could you please explain what we have to do in section-I of drawing and few questions to practise for section III of drawing
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is the use of ruler and compass allowed in the free hand drawing question,?? pl tell
2012:04:19 04:45:08
@arghya no for free hand drawing we cant use any instruments..
and guys add me up on facebook so that we can discusss n share our drawings and other queestions.. :)

2012:04:19 05:44:49
sir ,
in the mirror image example , shouldnt the upper and lower parts be constant?? only the L.H.S and R.H.S would interchange yeah? i guesss the given image is the water image of the given figure..please clarify .
2012:04:20 07:43:54
@nahas ya d eg is water image
2012:04:20 07:45:38
is any1 goin to what instrument v ar using. what if v use scale to make d guidelines.
2012:04:20 07:47:30
hey ol , why dont submit ur drawings in this site its wonderfull and pl comment on my drwing ,
2012:04:20 13:28:20
should we color the memory drawing ,
and in the enlarging ques cant we use scale to measure.. give some tips pls.
harsh tyagi
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sir ell if we score good marks in b arch paper if get some less marks in 12th can we get good colledge
2012:04:23 03:37:39
please let me know the total marks for aieee b arch and minimum passing marks
2012:04:24 01:05:04
Sir,What is the minimum marks required to get nits?
2012:04:24 01:05:05
Sir,What is the minimum marks required to get nits?
2012:04:24 09:59:55
m gud at copying objects but find difficulty in making on own
few days 2 go so plz suggest me wat to practice at dis stage :\\
bammidi manoj kumar
2012:04:25 06:48:40
sir, my dout is if there is an oder to paint only with colours or we can give a shade for the drawing or if colours are necessary which type of colours are more preferable
2012:04:25 22:05:53
can we use black pilot pen for out lining??
2012:04:25 23:52:14
sir,i want aieee barch previous year question papers
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Susmita Mandlik
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Very good information givn!! i likd this site!! the administrator is vry supportive.
Susmita Mandlik
2012:04:26 03:00:00
Very good information givn!! i likd this site!! the administrator is vry supportive.
Susmita Mandlik
2012:04:26 03:00:00
Very good information givn!! i likd this site!! the administrator is vry supportive.
Susmita Mandlik
2012:04:26 03:00:01
Very good information givn!! i likd this site!! the administrator is vry supportive.
2012:04:26 03:04:20
what is the minimum score required to qualify in aiee barch?? plz tell
2012:04:26 03:07:11
@nandhini: http://aieeebarch.com/aieeebarchquestionpapers.php# . open this site
2012:04:26 07:13:22
what if we get a good rank in aieee b-arch ?
2012:04:27 00:50:29
Sir,is creative story writing also a a question in AIEEE B.Arch??
2012:04:27 01:28:09
sir,can we use black ball point/gel pen for outlining the drawings and compositions?
2012:04:27 05:56:46
thanx a lot for the info..it will help me alot. but i wanted to know that can we clear the xam even if our drawing skills are not good but maths and aptitude part is satisfactory.?
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this site is very helpful 4r those who r appearing 4r b arch it\'s really helped me 2 clarify my doubts thanks a lot...........
navien raaj
2012:04:27 09:23:09
this site is very helpful 4r those who r appearing 4r b arch it\'s really helped me 2 clarify my doubts thanks a lot...........
navien raaj
2012:04:27 09:23:10
this site is very helpful 4r those who r appearing 4r b arch it\'s really helped me 2 clarify my doubts thanks a lot...........
Harry Mangla
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sir,please tell any website to download nata previous year questions papers................
2012:04:28 05:08:51
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can we use black pen for ouline??
2012:05:17 01:58:21
how much marks do you score in drwaing section out of 70 on an average???
2012:05:18 04:08:17
in cept university is there addmission throug aieee barch without nata and for nata where to go for online preparation in reasoning
2012:05:30 03:20:59
give more nata sample papers
akshay varshney
2012:05:31 10:38:59
sir i attempted aieee barch entrance this year on 29 may and in aptitudee section i am getting 35 out of 50 question correct and in maths 10 out of 30 question correct and in drawing section i attempted all the three in which 2 one of enlarging image gone very correct sir please tell what type of rank and college most probably i am going to get by such marks.(aptitude-50 que - 4 marks each,maths-30 que -4 marks each and drawing 70 marks) sir please reply me soon i would be thankful to u
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details about architecture exam
atul bagade
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details about architecture exam
atul bagade
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details about architecture exam
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shipra shreya
2012:07:16 13:37:00
sir am hearing that aieee is going to stop its b.arch exam w.e.f. from 2013.. is it true...?? if its true then how we will be admitted into spa delhi..??? can you suggest me some books regarding the preperation of maths section in aieee b.arch.! i will be very thankfulto you..!
2012:08:26 10:59:57
for the mirror image drawing we have to make the mirror image of the whole picture or a part of it and where do we have to suppose the mirror to be when drawing the image???
2012:12:18 11:15:12
how can download drawing pictures from NATA
Charu beri
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Thnx 4 gve me grt knowledge
2013:01:01 08:13:15
sir i am a student from Gujarat , can i get admission in Sir JJ collage(Mumbai) only on the basis of b.arch??
pl help me out..
2013:02:02 23:01:53
shubham khanna
2013:02:20 01:18:27
What types of question we have to answer in aptitude test.
2013:03:25 04:33:36
is there any seperate book available for gk?
2013:03:25 11:43:03
2013:03:26 10:01:39
sir wat will come in aptittude...
2013:03:27 02:12:46
sir what will come in arch. drawing and aptittude plz reply appropriate ans.
2013:03:28 02:21:38
sir i want the best answers of sample paper 2009 nata .. how can i get... reply me fast
2013:03:29 01:19:12
sir but i have no touch on drawing the pictures that perfectly as given
and imagining and drawing is very dificult for me...can imagine but culdnt draw that correstly help me out of this
2013:03:31 10:40:28
where do i get aieee barch solutions?
2013:04:02 14:20:21
can we use black pen for ouline??Sir,What is the minimum marks required to get nits?how much time is required for each part
2013:04:02 14:25:10
can you suggest me some books regarding the preperation of maths section in aieee b.arch.! i will be very thankfulto you..!
2013:04:02 21:57:03
how should we prepare for the last question in drawing section
which is about the memory drawing?
vamsi krishna
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Akshay Jadhav
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Tommorow is the paper .
Sorry but I've Already purchased same books from other sources
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2013:04:20 12:59:48
plz tel me about mirror image.i cant understand
simran dhamija
2013:04:23 01:06:47
sir, how is negative marking done in drawing part?if,for example,a student does not use colours,will he/she get negative marks?
simran dhamija
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anjali shakya
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even i wanted to be an successful architecture
2013:05:13 06:28:14
sir, i have got only 75 in Nata.. do i stand any chances?? i m getting 200+ in Jee paper 2.. but i got very less in nata.. i couldnt complete memory drawing.st two were very good.. and in aptitude i didnt get any question of giving the name of architect, where the the building is situated, identifying the building, no materials questions.. i got questions from elevation, top view, eng, maths, and texture.. plz reply sir..
2013:05:13 06:33:27
what should i do now?? i want good scores in nata.. plzzzz suggest!!
2013:05:16 08:55:44
sir i want some nata drawing paper with answersheet...plz mail me..
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sir,when will be b.arch2013 results declared nd what is the expected cut off for advanced exam nd for how many i'll get admission into nits,plzzzz reply me.....
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Akanksha Soodaa
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wat r the books to be reffered for the exam NATA
2013:11:14 02:02:03
what is the minimum score in nata and jee barch to get admission in SPA Delhi?
2014:02:04 22:05:35
sir, i want NATA previous year question paper with solution,,,,plzzzz help me
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sir plzz tell me about any books for b.arch
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sir,I am inter 2 yr student my exams are from 13 and I want to write nata
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2014:03:29 02:37:21
sir i had a short time for preparing for b.arch exam
it is on april 6
soo i need ur help

for maths which books are sufficient
is ncert textbooks are sufficient
for apptitude previous are sufficiet are not?
if not which are good?
and for drawing please tell me tips how to draw and to get the most minimum mark

hope u understand
and please send me quickly
2014:03:29 08:58:40
dont we a paper on general knowledge..or is it a part of aptitude..please explain me
2014:04:04 23:02:49
should we colour the memory based drawings
afeefah afreen
2014:07:04 03:36:01
thnx fr the info it was very infomative
I shld pursue my b.arch degree...to acheive my goals n desires..fingers crossd i scrd 119 in nata
alex antony n
2014:11:08 03:30:30
please may I know which is the best book to score better marks in the upcoming jeemains exam 2015. will the drawing questions repeat from the previous years question paper.please can I get lots of solved drawing clips.
hope you would look into it.
yours faithfully
2014:12:12 21:56:06
sir,will the dates of exam of jee main paper 1 & 2 is same and how the result will be declared
2014:12:29 11:53:31
Real good site.Thank u sir.
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