AIEEE B.ARCH question papers

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jatin arora
2011:06:01 19:18:15
answer to ques no. 38 shud be 3,55 shud be 4,58 shud be 4
2011:06:01 07:51:55
Answer for question numb 67 i.e. WHAT IS GREEN ARCHITECTURE ? is option number 4 i.e. WHERE BUILDING MATERIALS USED HAVE CONSUMED LEAST ENERGY and not option number 3......for further details refer to the site given will help you
2011:05:31 15:52:02
sorry, question number 38 is correct
2011:05:31 09:56:55
answer of question number 38 should be 1 instead of 4
2011:05:28 04:21:11
Corrections in solution :--
Question no 77- code "y".
ans-Ground glass.
misread the question as good sound absorbing material.
2011:09:20 00:21:47
hi frnds i m in window was crashed...... i hav lost my all matterial of b.arch...pls send me lots og exam papers...pls..on this
2011:11:20 07:32:33
i want to know about the b.arch syllabus ...plz any body help me....
2012:02:17 12:45:01
hey,where do we get the answers for the previous years question papers???i am in need of it help me out guys!!
2012:04:19 08:39:12
correction : answer for q.45 should be 16..not 14
vikas sharma
2012:04:15 03:16:23
solution for all the papers of b.arch should be provided

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